Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tamilar Thirunal,Pongal festival is the festival of harvest for Tamil people and its approaching soon.
We color our and decorate our entrance by drawing colorful kollam and lets see some excellent colorful drawings of kollam.

Once beautiful kolam is drawn at homes the celebration goes on preparing pongal at entrance(outside)of houses which is considered traditional.
My Pongal kollam on Pongal day 2012

Some other Kollams too

Look at the market which gets cherished in rejoicing the festival.I feel much happy to remember our way of celebrating Pongal especially these Pongal market

Preparing pongal outside,

The prepared sakkarai pongal looks as the picture below,and we prepare venpongal also wherein sambar is prepared with variety of vegetables is used as sidedish for venpongal.Theenjoy thetradition and customs of my tamilnadu.
Below is the picture of sakkarai pongal and pattyal for God at home and for sungod.Even birds especily crows and given food at roof top before we taking it.It is the way of thanksgiving for the Harvest done in the year and to be prosperous.

"Padayal" consist of banana,coconut ,manjal,kukumum,sugarcane and so on you can have a look at the below picture,
Dedicating the pattayal to god as a token of thanks giving,join hands to get his blessing,

This was how our Pongal Preparation went on.Hope you enjoyed to read the customs of Tamil culture, the celebration of Tamil festival,Pongal.

Wishing every Tamilan Happy Pongal - Ulavar thina nal Valthugal.!!!


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