Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everyone of us crave to have a good Shape and remain fit.And if it happens to be overweight we have to strive hard to cut down or burn our calories. Obviously we all know a heavy workout, exercises,running jogging,walking swimming anything that makes us move vigorously does wonders.
But is all this enough without a proper a plan of diet?.Diet plays a vital role in weight loss and at the same time it should be healthy and your body should get all the nutrients that it require to function properly and it should not make you tired and weak isn't it?So in order to plan a healthy Complete balanced Diet chart then the one who can help you out with this is the nutritionist.let us see that the Diet chart that they suggest for healthy weight loss with out any side effects.
If you Want to reduce weight quickly in 7 Days you can follow the chart below many say that it worked wonders you can give it a try and leave your feedback.this comes in handy if you are battling weight.It can reduce 3-4 kgs.

Each and every day do not forget to take 7-8 glasses of water

Day 1 [Day for Fruits] –
  • You can take any all kind of fruits there is no limit. Highly suggested is water lemon can be taken on larger quantity.Do have at least 7-8 glasses of water.Remember this day you have take only fruits.Eat as Many fruits you can eat
  • Note:The only fruit you have to avoid is banana

Day 2 [Day for Vegetables] –
  • This day is only for vegetables you can have it either way cooked or raw.the same as fruits eat as many vegetables you can.No restriction in quantity.if you prefer cooking avoid oil.

Day 3 [Day for Fruits and Vegetables] –
  • On day three you are going to eat mixture of Fruits and Vegetables again eat here as much you can no quantity restriction.You can take just one banana this day.Just one not more.

Day 4 [Day for Vegetables, Bananas and Milk] –
  • This day your breakfast will be 2 bananas with a big glass of milk and again continue the same 2 banana and a glass of milk and in the evening again the same(2 bananas and a glass of milk) added you can have small cup of restore your potassium levels from banans.

Day 5 [Day for Rice and tomatoes along with beef] –
  • This day remember you have to drink plenty of water than usual as you take tomatoes say at least 10 glasses of water.Your diet for the day goes like this a cup of rice with six medium sized tomatoes.
  • If you are non veg then you can take beef-meat/chicken/fish. You can have a piece of meat/fish/chicken either grilled or baked for lunch and dinner with tomatoes.

Day 6 [Day for Rice,beef and Vegetables] –
  • For breakfast have a cup of rice along with raw or cooked vegetables for rest of the day take vegetables alone.You can have a piece of meat/fish/chicken either grilled or baked for lunch and dinner with tomatoes.

Day 7 [Day for Fruits, Vegetables and Rice] –
  • On Seventh day,you should eat fruits,vegetables ,vegetable juices and 1 cup of rice.

That is your diet plan for all seven days You can continue the diet for another weak if you do not get the desired weight loss.
All the very best.Get Going


  1. It's an effective info on the diet schedule for weight loss which will be helpful to follow for the necessary terms of losing weight, Thanks for sharing out.