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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tamil Nadu Bridal Hairstyle-Plaited Style Decorated with jasmine and other flowers

Hi Everyone,
I would like to share Tamil nadu's traditional plaited hair decorated with flowers like jasmine and others as well.
Brides comb plait their hair,if the hair is not long they attach false hair lengthen up and at the end they tie something called "Kunjam".Then Decorate flowers from head to the length of the plait.It something traditional and relished to see.This hairstyle is for marriage and then for Evening reception some other modern bun hairstyles with decorative beads,flowers and stones for saree looks so pretty for bride.hmmm you know they have the tradition of wearing "Gimiki", a type of hearing which adorable.Even for daily use few use simple Gimiki(Jhumka) and for marriage day big one with stones or plain gold what ever be their choice.
Chimmiki will look as below,Model with gold designer jhumka("Gimiki hear ornament") and haram pendant(gold chain) and nethi sutti(forehead ornament).

Have look at a Bridal Gold Designer Jhumka(hear ornament )

Tamil bridal hairstyles

Brahmin Madisar(9 yard sari worn) Mami Bridal wear-South Indian Bride

Check the video below to have great ideas I hope that will inspire to make a selection,Go ahead play the video.Such an amazing videos with excellent collection of accessories ,hairstyles and how to plait and do hairstyles and much more.....


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