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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exterior Home/ Bungalow Designs Ideas and Tips

Home Exterior is more vital to give an stunning look to impress visitors and even stress passers to get idea how well your interior might be.This is the first and foremost impression that is going to be focused many do not have a chance to comee inside t o have a look at your home interior ,You should own a home and make many fel that they should own a home as same design as that of yours.your design,elevation and other exterior parameters should make them talk great.
Well,Let us see some tips that you should remember while doing that,
  • When you plan for home exterior the first thing you should focus is the house elevation ,done by a good architect,get various designs from home and choose the one that impress you and many others.The choice of paint color and accessories design also falls in this parameter.
  • Next landscape ,garden and architect creativity in this area also comes under a vital parameter.
  • Choose the right outdoor furniture that goes well with paint color of your home exterior.
  • Choose elegant outdoor lights and lamps to the garden or courtyard to get a stunning night look.
  • Gate,its design, color,safety and look plays more to emphasize and give more beautiful look to your home.
  • A good porch design to sit and and enjoy the beauty of outdoor surroundings in the early morning(have a sip of coffee reading newspaper there) or evening time.

These are images from Google search to just have some ideas and to suggest your architect the same if you like one .Just go ahead and check out the home exteriors.
Copy right goes to the concerned architect who have designed it.

Some other home outside view at evening time with light effects

Designed using software for architect purpose

Well Friends that is all about it.
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