Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silk sarees as we all know it the tradition of Tamil Nadu.Splendid handloom work done by people those days gave awesome design and colors those days and still the beauty and elegance is never faded.Silk thread is extracted from insect cocoon and they process it to get the final product of silk thread and and hand loom to get silk sarees with various designs with borders.usually all silk sarees has borders may be small or big.And it values more if the "jareeegai" or saree border is orginal and it is pricey.The more jareegai the more becomes the is matter of status to wear costly sarees on occasion but now trend has changed a bit to transfer from traditional silk sarees to designer sarees apart from silk.Thats about it.
There are many types of silk sarees let us the names of the types and each has its unique elegance and comfort.
  • Raw Silk.
  • Embroidery silk.
  • Printed Silk.
  • Crepe Silk.
  • Designer Silk.
  • Leganga Sarees
  • Cotton Silk.
and even much more
These are the general categories and in each silk brand they categorise their own collectiona nd give their own name and it is popular by the name.
For example consider Pothys Silk Brand the popular collection include
  • Samudrika Pattu
  • Parampara Pattu
  • Vastrakala Pattu
  • Mayuri menpattu (new collection from pothys)
Fine. Enough of blah blah of this topic let us see the latest and beautiful collection in silk sarees.
Actress Trisha wearing Samudrika silk saree.She looks so gorgeous in that.Moreover it is shoot inside the temple and it is more of tamil culture and tradition.I love those shoots.

Bridal Collection and Vastrakala from Pothys

Embroidered silk Saree from Rmkv

Mysore Silk & Printed Silk From Rmkv.

Following is collections from Nalli Silks,Traditional shop since 1928.have a glanze at theirs,

And these are few collection from Tamil Nadu's top branded Silk people.Hope you like the post and others from Tamil Nadu must have got some idea regarding silk sarees.

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  1. nice post..The yellow color saree is awesome which has unique design on it