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Monday, November 29, 2010

How to prepare Aloo Parartha

Aloo paratha is a very famous recipe from north Indian Cusine and yet popular in Southern region of India as well.Let us see how it goes to get it done

For Dough
Make it a dough by adding 2:1 proposition of wheat(2 cups) and water(1 cup) add little salt and knead it well keep this dough for atleast 30 minutes.
For Stuffing
Boil 3 potatoes well and mash it.
1/4 tsp Red Chilli Powder and Salt each
1 tsp Chaat Masala
amjoor powder
corriander leaves(chopped fine)
onion-1(chopped fine)
• ghee

Add chat masala, amjoor powder, chili powder coriander leaves,onion a pinch to mashed potato and salt.This is the stuff
Now make out small balls out of the dough. make it a disc by pressing in between palm and put the stuff,close it evenly and slowly drawing edges to cover evenly.
Press it gently and spread as roti.
Keep dosa pan in stove and add ghee to it then put the aloo paratha wait for some time and sprinkle some ghee flip it and see if it is done.
Repeat the process for the rest of parathas.
Have it with coriander chutney,Tomato Ketchup or Thick curd. Tastes so yummy!!!!!

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